404 error page

Now the 404 error page is automatically fetched from WordPress (feel free to use the default 404 theme page or a plugin) and propagated on the static site, so you don’t need to manually handle that anymore. This change will be applied on your next deploy.

Support for “UberGrid” plugin

Added full support for the popular “UberGrid” plugin

Better “HardyPress login gateway” behaviour

The “HardyPress login gateway” is no more case-sensitive and accept both email and username as credentials, to better reflect the regular WordPress behaviour.

Custom WordPress inactivity timeout

We added the possibility, only for selected users, to increase the time before WordPress goes offline (default is 15 minutes). If you have special development needs just drop an email to support@hardypress.com

System status page

We released a monitoring tool to check the status of the HardyPress infrastructure: https://status.hardypress.com

Deploy time reduced up to 50%

We’ve recently deployed a huge update to our backend platform and now we have brand new engine that will speed-up your deploy process up to 50%… and we are working to reduce it even more. This update will also allow us to work on some cool new features and improvements in 2018, so… stay tuned!

Deploy cache purging fix

Just fixed a subtle bug in our deploy process preventing some files to be purged from our internal cache. Sorry for the inconvenience!

Docker environment resources upgrade

We just upgraded our back-end Docker environment (where WordPress instances are running). You should now get better performances both navigating your WordPress site and generating new deploys.