GDPR compliance

HardyPress  takes great care when handling users’ personally identifiable data.

Details of this are given in this document, in our Terms of Service and our Privacy Policy.

Personal data we collect

The system stores personal information for the main account and WordPress users.

HardyPress account:

  • email,
  • name,
  • company

WordPress user:

  • email,
  • first name,
  • last name

Data storage

HardyPress accounts personal data are stored exclusively in the HardyPress database,

HardyPress runs on Heroku, in its “Europe” region.

Heroku’s GDPR compliance is described here. Heroku’s DPA (Data Processing Addendum) is here.

WordPress users data are stored both in the HardyPress database and on Google Cloud Platform (“Europe” region)

Google Cloud Platform GDPR compliance is described here:

Data shared with third parties


When you sign up for a paid plan, we ask for the information that is legally required for invoicing and supply it directly to Chargebee. We do not store this information in our systems.

The information is:

  • email,
  • first name,
  • last name,
  • company,
  • VAT number,
  • billing address.

Chargebee GDPR Compliance


When adding a credit card to your billing profile we send the card information to Stripe directly, without reading that information ourselves.

We then forward the result of the card registration to Chargebee that triggers the card charges.

So to Stripe we send:

  • credit card details, which we cannot read ourselves apart the last 4 digits,
  • email

Fatture in Cloud

Our company needs to send certified digital invoices to our Italian customers and to the government. To do that we use Fatture in Cloud.

The information passed on to Fatture in Cloud are:

  • email,
  • first name,
  • last name,
  • company,
  • VAT number,
  • billing address.

Fatture in Cloud GDPR Compliance


When you open a support ticket, via email or support form, we supply them the email address.

Tawk GDPR Compliance


If you opt to sign up for our newsletter, we register you on our Mailchimp account, supplying them with:

  • email,
  • first name,
  • last name.

Mailchimp GDPR Compliance announcement


To send you transnational emails about the service we use Postmark. we supply them the email address only.

We also use Postmark to proxy the email from the contact forms on clients sites.
When a final user fill out a contact form on a clients site and clicks the “Send” button, the entered data will be submitted to the Postmark server.

Postmark GDPR Compliance announcement


We use Rollbar to track software errors. In certain situations, to help the tracking of the information, we supply them the email address.

Rollbar GDPR Compliance

We collect and store your data for the following reasons:

  • To fulfill contractual obligations with a data subject.
  • To perform tasks at the request of a data subject who is in the process of entering into a contract with a data controller.

(For more information about these reasons, see the explanation on Wikipedia)

Use and flow of the data

We use your data to do the following:

  • to allow you to log in to the site. In this case your data stays in our main servers only.
  • to send you an invoice, we never save your invoicing data, we delegate Stripe and Chargebee the storage and management of your data.
  • as an Italian company we need to send electronic copy of all our invoices to the state. To do that we have an automated service that pulls the data from Chargebee and generates the invoices also on Fatture in Cloud. So your invoicing data will be both on Chargebee and Fatture in Cloud.
  • to send you transactional emails about the service, promotional and marketing emails we use Postmark. On account registration we send your email address only to them.
  • to send you promotional and marketing emails we use Mailchimp.
  • to proxy the email from the contact forms on clients sites we use Postmark.
  • on support request we ask your email address to contact you back and we share that information with Tawk, the service we use for customer care.
  • when an error occurs on the platform we automatically send some telemetry data to Rollbar to be notified about the errors and help us to resolve them. If the error happens on the CMS interface we also send the email address of the user to be able to easily get in touch to gain additional information.

Duration of data retention

We store your data for the duration of your use of the system.

As soon as you cancel your account, your personal information is erased.

Your rights over your personal data

We respect your right to do the following:

  • request a copy of your data
  • update your data
  • request deletion of your data

Please contact us (at the address below) if you want to do any of the above.

How to contact us

If you have any doubts, or wish to exercise your rights (as listed above), please send us an email here: