Getting started

The principle behind HardyPress is quite simple: your WordPress installation only runs when an editor enters the Admin area to make some changes. For the rest of the time, visitors access a totally static version of the website: blazing fast, and no attack surface for malicious users.

Create a new site

Once you log-in click “Create new site”. You will be asked to enter a site name (feel free to choose whatever you like), and the credentials for the admin user on your new WordPress site. The default username for the administrator user will be “admin”

We will install the last WordPress version avaliable, and we will istantly create the first “deploy”. A “deploy” is a static version of your website.

Create an empty static WordPress

Import an existing site

You can choose to use our FTP importer, or if you don't want to leak your FTP credentials, you can install All-in-One WP Migration plugin® a top-rated trusted plugin (600,000+ active installs)

Use All-in-One WP Migration plugin® (recommended method)

After the import complete, we will istantly publish the first “deploy”. A “deploy” is a static version of your website

Import existing WordPress

Use the FTP importer

Once you log-in click “Import an exhisting site”. You will be asked to enter the following fields:

You can now click on “Proceed with the import” button.

We will try to connect to your FTP server and we will check if a WordPress installation exists. If everything is ok we will start copying the files to our servers. We will also import the database seamlessy. The time needed for the import depends on the size of your website. It can take few minutes to some hours for sites of serveral GB. In this case maybe HardyPress could not be the best choice for your needs.

After the import complete, we will istantly publish the first “deploy”. A “deploy” is a static version of your website in a specific instant, that can be reached on a random generated domain.

Import existing WordPress

The interface

The live site area

This area is always visible and contains information about your live website. Remeber that your website is always online even if WordPress is switched OFF. Every page of this website is pure static HTML that has been generated by HardyPress during the last Deploy event (see below)

Here you can find:

Static generate website

The toggle switch

You can use the toggle switch to bring your WordPress to life, or to put it to sleep with just a click.

Remember that your WordPress is automatically swiched OFF after 15 minutes of inactiviy.

WordPress switch

Log into dashboard

Through this button you can access a special login page where your WordPress users can authenticate themselves and turn WordPress ON without access the HardyPress dashboard.
Think to this page like a replacement of the usual wp-login.php page.
You can manage the users allowed to to so through the “users” section on your WordPress backend, like you are use to do. The default username for a new created website is "admin".
Share this link only with the editors of the website. They can even independently Deploy a new version of the website clicking on the “publish website” button on the WordPress backend, thanks to our automatically installed WordPress plugin.


In this area you can find important information about your WordPress status and how you can access your backend, files and database.

When WordPress is switched OFF the area is grayed-out and you cannot access the services.
When WordPress is switched ON you can access the following service:


Here you find the links to reach your dynamic website forntend and your WordPress admin area.

Remember that your WordPress is automatically swiched OFF after 15 minutes of inactiviy.


Here you can find the information needed to reach your files via SFTP


Here you cand find the information needed to access the PhpMyAdmin web interfaces.
You can access your database only if WordPress is swiched ON. For the rest of the time your database simply doesn’t exists.

WordPress services


Here you can trigger a new deploy and see the history of your deploys.

A deploy is the action of generate static (HTML) copies of your WordPress pages. It works a bit like a web crawler, starting at the main page of your website and looking for links to other pages to create static copies of. It also includes any images, CSS & JS files, and any other files that it can find a link to.

Once the scarping ends, HardyPress puts all the generated files online e serve them through our CDN

Publish a static Wordress

Remember that is also possible trigger a new Deploy clicking on the “Publish changes” button on the WordPress backend, thanks to our automatically installed WordPress plugin, without the need to access this dashboard. This is usefull if you want you editor to be authonomous managing the website.

Publish a static Wordress


Activating the “Backups addon” HardyPress saves snapshots of your WordPress file and database.

A snapshots is automatically generated every time your WordPress is switched OFF. HardyPress saves the last 25 snapshots, and you can restore them anytime, just be sure your WordPress is switched OFF before restore a backup.

Remember that restoring a backup only restore your WordPress files and database, but not automatically generate a Deploy, so your live site wont change unless you manually generate a new Deploy

WordPress backups


Here you can activate/deactivate your HardyPress addons and associate your website to a billing profile. You can choose between monthly or yearly billing cycle. If you deactivate an already billed addon, a credit will be generated for the associated billing profile. You can see the billing profiles details and the generated credits on your “account” page.

Remember that every billing profile can have only one monthly cycle and one yearly cycle.

John creates his first website and activates the “custom domain” addon, billed annually, on 01/01/2017. John will be instantly charged for 12 months
On the 31/10/2017 he creates a new website and activates the “custom domain” addon also for this second website. John will be charged for this new addon only untill the end of the existing billing cycle on 31/12/2017, accordingly will be istantly charged only for two month.
On 01/01/2018 the cycle restart and he will be billed for both the “custom domain” addons for 12 month

Addons for HardyPress


Here you can find some information about your website, you can donwload your website, change the name and the PHP version.

Remember that changing the PHP version will be effective only the next time your WordPress is turned ON

Settings for HardyPress