How to migrate a local installation on HardyPress

Our importer only works for sites that are public reachable. If you want to migrate/upload your local development installation on HardyPress we suggest you a simplified way to use our importer:

Use All-in-One WP Migration plugin®

  • On your local website install All-in-One WP Migration plugin® and activate it.
  • Click on “All-in-One WP Migration” on your sidebar.
  • Click to “EXPORT TO” and select “FILE”.
    The plugin will now generate a full backup of your website. It can take some minutes for large website.
  • Once done, download the .wpress generated backup on your PC.
  • Upload the .wpress archive on a cloud service like Dropbox.
  • Get a public shareable link of this file.
  • Past the URL of the generated backup on our importer.

Be carefull:
Cloud services public shareable links often do not point directly to the file, but to an HTML page where you are asked for confirmation. For example, if you use Dropbox, you will get a public link like this:

In this case you simply need to change the URL parameter to ?dl=1 to get a direct link to the file to be be used on our importer.