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How to create a new site on HardyPress

Once you log-in click “Create new site”. You will be asked to enter a site name (feel free to choose whatever you like), and the credentials for the admin user on your new WordPress site. We will install the last WordPress version available. When you create a new site, a static version is automatically generated and […]

How to import an existing site on HardyPress

You can choose to use our FTP importer, or if you don’t want to leak your FTP credentials, you can install All-in-One WP Migration plugin® a top-rated trusted plugin (600,000+ active installs) Use All-in-One WP Migration plugin® (recommended method) On your live existing website install All-in-One WP Migration plugin® and activate it. Click on “All-in-One […]

How to migrate a local installation on HardyPress

Our importer only works for sites that are public reachable. If you want to migrate/upload your local development installation on HardyPress we suggest you a simplified way to use our importer: Use All-in-One WP Migration plugin® On your local website install All-in-One WP Migration plugin® and activate it. Click on “All-in-One WP Migration” on your sidebar. […]

Add an existing domain to your HardyPress website

To add a custom domain to your HardyPress website you need to: Log in to the account you have with your domain provider. Find your DNS settings. Look for your account admin panel, or your domain management area, or DNS configuration, or similar. Find the CNAME record in your DNS settings. Change your subdomain CNAME […]

How to set up SSL for your site

Thanks to Let’s Encrypt, enabling SSL for your hostnames on HardyPress  literally requires just two clicks. To get started, simply go to your site on the HardyPress Dashboard and click on the “Enable HTTPS” button. After that, a popup will appear for confirmation. Before you can request the free SSL certificate, please make sure your hostname […]

Understanding deploys

A deploy is the action of generate static (HTML) copies of your WordPress pages. It works a bit like a web crawler, starting at the main page of your website and looking for links to other pages to create static copies of. It also includes any images, CSS & JS files, and any other files […]

Understanding backups

HardyPress  saves snapshots of your WordPress files and database. A snapshots is automatically generated every time WordPress is switched off W, or a deploy is triggered D. You can restore it anytime, but your WordPress must be switched off before doing it. Remember that restoring a backup only restore your WordPress files and database, but […]

How to use HardyPress as final client

If you are an agency or a developer, you probably create WordPress sites for final users and want to allow them the edit their contents autonomously. HardyPress allows your clients to turn WordPress on and to generate a new deploy without entering the HardyPress dashboard. Every WordPress site on HardyPress has a special login page (we […]

HardyPress Site Search

HardyPress Site Search is a way to deliver tailored search results to your site visitors. You can think of it as a replacement for the native WordPress full-text search, but fully compatible with your static site on HardyPress. There are many third-party services out there that fill this need (SwiftType, Algolia, Cludo). Our solution seeks to be the best […]

Contact forms on HardyPress

HardyPress supports the most popular contact form plugin available in the WordPress market, Contact Form 7. We will proxy and forward all the needed emails seamlessly. When a final user fill out a contact form on your site and clicks the “Send” button, the entered data will be submitted to the HardyPress server. Here is where the […]

How to integrate CF7 with Mailchimp on HardyPress (video)

There are hundreds of third part extension plugins for Contact Form 7, and we are working hard to make them working seamlessly, but we choose to develop our Zapier App to get you covered  for most of the needs and to enable thousands of additional integrations like the one with Mailchimp. What is Zapier? Zapier […]

How to publish posts automatically from your blog on HardyPress to social media (video)

If you need to publish posts automatically from your blog on HardyPress to social media networks like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, etc. you don’t really need any additional plugins. Just follow this video guide to have your setup ready in minutes for free thanks to Zapier. What is Zapier? Zapier is an online automation tool that […]

Understanding and troubleshooting WordPress login pages

With HardyPress you can access WordPress in two different ways, and this often causes confusion among our users. “HardyPress login gateway” VS “Admin URL” The first button “Log into WordPress” leads to a special login page, let’s call it “HardyPress login gateway”, that can be reached even if WordPress is switched off. Think to this […]

301 Redirects

In addition to creating and distribute a static copy of your site and hosts your WordPress installation, HardyPress is able to instruct the CDN servers about 301/302 redirects so they will set correct response-headers. It is therefore important to understand how redirects are detected on your WordPress site and propagated to the static version. Our […]