WordPress shutdown

We make your WordPress live in a virtualized environment that can be instantly paused/restored;
The WordPress instance is only alive when an admin/editor is logged in and needs to edit the content of the website: after a period of inactivity, the server automatically goes to sleep;
The public-facing website is never served by WordPress: when you are ready to publish your content, HardyPress makes a completely static copy of the frontend website and serves it through the CDN;

Serverless technology

HardyPress infrastructure is entirely built on the cloud, currently on Amazon AWS and the static generated sites are hosted on Amazon S3 Buckets that we use as pull-zones for the CDN, so your websites are really unbreakable and stay up, no matter what! You don’t even need to trust us to feel safe 🙂

Global CDN

Your content is served through a CDN with out of the box HTTP2 support with the following features:

  • 40ms Global Latency

    Thanks to our global network, our sites can be reached in less than 40 milliseconds in most areas around the world.

  • Tier 1 Network Partners

    We puts your content closer to your users with 26 locations around the world, powered by Tier 1 network partners.

  • SSD Powered Servers

    All the servers are powered by SSD technology to ensure millisecond latencies when serving your files.


We offer free one-click Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate. Get a free SSL certificate with a click of a button using our simple integration.

Staging environment

You can work on your website without affecting the live content. You WordPress runs on a hidden random-generated domain and remains private until you generate a new deploy to publish online a copy of it.

Contact forms

We seamlessly support the most popular contact form plugin available in the WordPress market, Contact Form 7. If your site uses it, everything will work normally, fields validations, email content, recipients… everything will be OK even if your final site is static. We will proxy and forward all the needed emails.
Read our guide to know more about how contact forms work on HardyPress.

Search engine

HardyPress Site Search is a way to deliver tailored search results to your site visitors. You can think of it as a replacement for the native WordPress full-text search, but fully compatible with your static site on HardyPress.

  • native integration with your website;
  • completely customizable in terms of look & feel;
  • works without the need to tweak any setting;
  • handles nicely multi-lingual websites;
  • included in the price of HardyPress with no additional charges.

No updates required

Save hundreds of maintenance hours/year! Our system also protects your site from malicious attacks as a static version of your website is all that’s accessed by your visitors. With static pages, attackers will have zero-chances to breach your websites security. No PHP, no MySql, nothing that can break. You don’t even need to keep your installation updated if you don’t want to.

One year backups

HardyPress regularly saves snapshots of your WordPress files, database and deploys, so you can go back in time  with a click of a button. One year backup is included in all of our plans.

No lock-in

We utterly refuse to apply any type of constraint on the customer, so you can download your static generated sites (to host them somewhere else as your wishes) and your WordPress files and databases anytime. No vendor lock-in is applied and never will be!

Boost your site performance and security in no time!

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