WordPress hosting for professionals with deadlines
Blazing-fast hosting for €48/year. We handle site security by making your website static.
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No need to upgrade WordPress or plugins. Just imagine that.

The principle behind HardyPress is simple: visitors access to a completely static version of your website. Your real WordPress installation lives on a separate domain and only runs when an editor needs to make some changes to the content.

Blazing-fast static websites without loosing any advantage
Instant search out of the box
We take care of scraping your website's pages, and augment the search box to provide instant suggestions to your visitors.
Support for Contact Forms 7
We seamlessy support the most popular contact form plugin available in the WordPress market, Contact Form 7: if you use it, everything will work normally.
Comments? Disqus to the rescue!
If your site needs comments, just install the Disqus plugin, it's the best way to manage comments in your website anyway :)
The awesome benefits
Never update WordPress again
Spend more time customizing sites for clients and writing. Our security guarantee applies even if you never update WordPress.
Traffic surges are a thing from the past
Get on the reddit front-page? Huge email blast incoming? It doesn't matter. Your website can scale a huge burst or steady traffic with ease.
Staging environment included
A staging site is a separate development area on your site with restricted access where you can test your changes. Once you have thoroughly tested your site, you can then deploy it to your live site.
Say goodbye to downtime
We put your content closer to your users with 13 locations around the world and all of our servers are powered by SSD technology to ensure millisecond latencies when serving your files.
Easy to get started
Thanks to our importers we will seamless copy all the files and import the existing database. In few minutes you will be able to see your website live on HardyPress.
24/7 proactive support
We strive to provide the best support possible every day of the week, with fast response times, quick problem troubleshooting and a rich knowledge base.
Start saving hundreds of maintenance hours/year
Sign up and import your existing sites to HardyPress: you'll never have to worry again about performance, maintenance and security.
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