Why is HardyPress faster than traditional hosting or caching services?

Every time you visit a WordPress page it needs to perform database queries to fetch content and run PHP code to render the page. These actions take time to perform. With HardyPress, you’re creating a static copy of all of your WordPress pages. When someone visits your static site they can instantly receive the page because HardyPress already did the work of creating it. Depending on the complexity of your site, theme, and plugins, using a static site can easily increase the performance of your site by 10x. Moreover your content is served through our CDN (30 edge servers on SSD) with out of the box HTTP2 support.

HardyPress VS Cache + CDN

The “classic” way to optimize a website is to have a CDN hosting the assets (images, css, js) and a cache layer on top of the webserver. In this way you can really have very good performance, but the fact is that, for example, a Chinese visitor will need to fetch the HTML page from your server in California anyway. The server response will be good thanks to the caching layer, the assets will be served fast from the nearest server of the CDN, but the call to retrieve the HTML page, from China to California, will be far from optimal.

The fact of having a completely static content allows HardyPress to maximize the performance publishing on the CDN also the plain HTML pages, so everything your visitors ask for, will be served from the closest server.

Performance reports

A brand new WordPress website created on HardyPress allows you to obtain the following results out-of-the-box:

  • Bitcatcha
  • Pingdom
    • Performance Grade: 99
    • Load time: 163ms
    • report
  • GTmetrix
    • PageSpeed Score: 97%
    • YSlow Score: 95%
    • report
  • Google Pagespeed insight
    • Mobile optimization: 93/100
    • Desktop optimization: 97/100
    • report