The Problem – The Solution – The Product

HardyPress is largely based on personal needs. In the past, we often needed to manage many WordPress sites. Anyone who has used this CMS knows the issues related to its maintenance over the years. On the one hand, it is essential to keep up-to-date the WordPress “core”, on the other hand the same attention should be paid to all plugins and themes in use, often written by independent developers, which are hardly able to provide long-term maintenance guarantees.

The search for a solution to these problems led to the creation of the first prototype of HardyPress, which was born as an internal product. The benefits were so obvious that we thought that other developers could have appreciated it. From here was born HardyPress SRL.

15 years of experience in touch with new technologies has been critical to designing and managing the complex architecture of HardyPress while creating a scalable and maintainable system at the same time.

We are a group of highly focused individuals that want to

make the web faster and more secure.

Our Core Team

Luca Bonfiglio

Claudio Benvenuti
CTO & Founder

Matteo Papadopoulos
Business development

Partners and advisors

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