How it works?

HardyPress hosts your WordPress installation securely and use it as a static site generator, so you can create an indestructible static site that we can serve separately from your WordPress installation. This provides a couple benefits. One, this allows you to keep WordPress in a secure location that no one can access but you. Two, your static site is going to be really, really fast.

  1. We make your WordPress live in a virtualized environment that can be instantly paused/restored;
  2. The WordPress instance is only alive when an admin/editor is logged in and needs to edit the content of the website: after a period of inactivity, the server automatically goes to sleep;
  3. The public-facing website is never served by WordPress: before WordPress is put to sleep, HardyPress makes a completely static copy of the frontend website;

The static generated content is than served through a CDN with 30 servers around the globe and can be reached on your real domain, while the real WordPress installation is only reachable when you turn WordPress on and runs on a random-generated subdomain.

Seems complicated? Well.. it is not, and is much easier done than said 🙂

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