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How it works

HardyPress lets you forget about maintenance chores on your WordPress sites, once and for all.

HardyPress hosts your WordPress installation securely and use it as a static site generator, so you can create an indestructible static site that we can serve separately from your WordPress installation. This provides a couple benefits. One, this allows you to keep WordPress in a secure location that no one can access but you. Two, your static site is going to be really, really fast.

How it works

  1. We make your WordPress live in a virtualized environment that can be instantly paused/restored;
  2. The WordPress instance is only alive when an admin/editor is logged in and needs to edit the content of the website: after a period of inactivity, the server automatically goes to sleep;
  3. The public-facing website is never served by WordPress: before WordPress is put to sleep, HardyPress makes a completely static copy of the frontend website;

Performance reports

A brand new WordPress website created on HardyPress allows you to obtain the following results out-of-the-box:

  • Pingdom
    • Performance Grade: 98
    • Load time: 168ms
    • report
  • GTmetrix
    • PageSpeed Score: 97%
    • YSlow Score: 95%
    • report
  • Google Pagespeed insight
    • Mobile optimization: 93/100
    • Desktop optimization: 97/100
    • report
  • Bitcatcha

Start saving hundreds of maintenance hours/year

Sign up and import your existing sites to HardyPress: you'll never have to worry again about performance, maintenance and security.