How to use HardyPress as final client

If you are an agency or a developer, you probably create WordPress sites for final users and want to allow them the edit their contents autonomously.

HardyPress allows your clients to turn WordPress on and to generate a new deploy without entering the HardyPress dashboard.

Every WordPress site on HardyPress has a special login page (we call it “HardyPress login gateway”) that can be reached even if WordPress is switched off. Think to this page as a replacement of the classic wp-login.php page, as it will looks exactly the same.

You can access this special page (and share the URL with your clients) by clicking on the “Log into dashboard” button under the “Services” section.

You can manage the users allowed to use this page through the “users” section on your WordPress backend, like you are used to do. Hovering the mouse on the button will reveal your WordPress users.

When a valid user insert his/her WordPress credentials on this special page, WordPress will be automatically turned on (if not already), and the user will be redirected to the WordPress dashboard, exactly like he/she is used to do.

Once the are in, they can normally use WordPress. They can edit blog posts, change pages, install plugins, install themes, etc. They are in a sort of  “staging area” so these changes will not be reflected on the live site until they click on the “Publish website” button on the top bar.