Custom 404 error page

You can now optionally provide a custom error document that contains a user-friendly error message and additional help.

Download the static version of the site

You can now download the static generated website as a tarball archive to use it as your wishes. On this archive you will also find a nice file named s3_website.yml that you can use to publish the static site to your own S3 bucket with the s3_website gem preserving redirects and content-type headers.

Selective Cache-Control Headers (max-age)

You can now set different max-age headers for different types of files. This will allows your users to always have fresh content, continuing to leverage browser cache for static resources such as css, js, images, fonts, etc.

Clone site feature

We just released the possibility to clone a site. This can be very usefull for creating “blueprint” websites or for debugging purposes. You will find the “Clone site” button under the site settings.